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EXXETA Training – a Value for every Business – EXXETA Energy Blog



EXXETA Training – a Value for every Business

In light of increasing national and international competition companies must be able to react innovatively and flexibly to new market requirements in the future. Companies are competing for young and qualified employees, who are increasingly focusing on opportunities for training within companies when it comes to choosing their employers. Employees are increasingly focusing on learning and training in working life in order to take up current topics in the fast-paced life of time and to qualify further. For this reason, employers have to consider a strategy in the future about how they will deal with the above-mentioned priorities so that they cannot lose their connection in the fight for market shares, employee recruitment and employee retention.

A key element of this strategy is the investment in training. So far, training and qualification programs have been categorized as a necessary evil in some sectors, which only wastes the resources – both financially and materially – and keeps the employees from the daily doing. However, by attending further training and seminars, employees are encouraged and empowered to think out-of-the-box and to generate new impulses. As a result, employees generate added value for companies, as they remain up-to-date with current issues and take new trends with them. In addition, employees are motivated to be interested in topics that you may not have yet worked on when a corresponding qualification offer is made available to them. This is why innovation is promoted in the companies and ultimately the competitiveness is strengthened.

EXXETA GmbH offers a comprehensive range of training and further measures for companies from the energy industry as well as for those interested in the industry. The offer ranges from one-day seminars and workshops to intensive, individual coachings. Various methods and solutions are presented and used in active exchange with the participants. In this way, training visitors are given comprehensive knowledge, which can also be used directly in your company. Effective value is created here. By combining our problem-solving expertise and the different market roles EXXETA has the possibility to answer individual questions in a targeted way.

The focus of the training is on the active involvement of the participants. In the rolling game “Basics in the Gas Market – a Role-Playing Game of the Actors in the Gas Market”, the seminar participants take on different roles from the gas market and play through the trade and transport connections.
During the training “Requirements Engineering in a Nutshell” special methods are taught and actively presented to the participants. For example, the participants learn which demands modern requirements engineering has to fulfill and where pitfalls lurk.

The EXXETA training can either provided directly at the customer’s in-house seminar or at the EXXETA in Leipzig. This means that the individual choice of venue can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

The EXXETA training offer is constantly undergoing development and improvement. For this, we like to pick up ideas from our employees and customer wishes and discuss them with regard to implementation and design. We are also looking forward to all further suggestions regarding the EXXETA training. Our contact persons Dana Mai or Markus Jungmann will be pleased to answer your further questions at

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