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JAX 2017: Spring indoor and outdoor


Not only the weather outside brought Spring to us. In the first round of the first conference day, Stéphane Nicoll as one of the main contributors presented the news around the next major Spring Framework Release.

JSON-B is coming

Java EE

Java EE7 introduced JSON-P, which is supposed to standardize processing and parsing of JSON. This year, EE8 now brings ‘Java API for JSON Binding’ (JSON-B). Time for a closer look.

Howto: REST Assured


In my current project I work in the QA-team. One of the questions we have to answer was, “How can we test a rest webservice?” With REST Assured, we found an easy way to test the service from various aspects. This tutorial explains how.

Generate database schema DDL script with JPA or Hibernate

Java|Java EE

Using an object-relational mapping framework like Hibernate disburdens developers from creating complex DDL scripts to setup an application’s database schema. However, in real life such scripts are still needed – at least for the DBA who forbids applications to alter database objects. This post shows how to easily generate the database schema DDL script without typing an SQL commands.