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JAX 2016: Thursday Close-up

I’ve always wanted to attend a Java conference this big. This year I finally had the chance to participate for one day. I was too enthusiastic to concentrate on one specific topic. Therefore, I had quite a wide range of subjects.

The conference started for me with a presentation about Solr and Elasticsearch. It was awesome to access the knowledge about the different systems at first hand. With Lucene as the heart of both databases, providing eight dimensional searching options the system and therefore the presentation left a mark.

After a short break I headed straight to a talk about Docker in AWS environments. Unfortunately, the speaker had to cancel on short notice. At first disappointed about the cancellation, I attended an inspiring presentation about Continuous Documentation – a term I’ve never heard of before. Also in general, documentation is nothing too pleasant for developers. But the idea of programming the documentation did indeed change my mind. The approach shown used Latex source code that is placed within the maven project – this even allows us to integrate documentation in version control systems. Via a maven plugin the corresponding document in PDF or HTML format is generated during the project’s build. This approach also works for charts generated on a source code basis by the way.

Following a lunch break full of inspired discussions with colleagues and other conference participants, it was time for the next lecture. I decided to learn something new about the Internet of Things (IoT) – a topic I barely dealt with before. It was surprising to hear about the new approaches and what companies already invest in this kind of technology. For example, a Node Red server, developed by IBM and published with Apache licence, allows a plain and visually very clear sequence control in the IoT. In addition, there is the MQTT Broker, that receives all messages and forwards them pinpoint to the relevant user. This leads to precise linkages between the things within the IoT. Based on these technical innovations, there definitely will be quite interesting opportunities in the future, which I’m already excited about.

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