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JAX 2017: Agile Day

The Agile Day as the first conference day of this years JAX conference brought an insight into agile project experiences within different organizations and environments.

One outcome e.g. was the fact that agility even works in huge organizations such as DB Systel. In their case the path towards agility is called „Permanent Beta“, which allows the employees to have their space for innovation and – even more important – also the opportunity to fail.

Another key success factor being presented was the collaboration with and incorporation of stakeholders. Here a very interesting method was discussed: You all know Planning Poker. Well the method is similar to Planning Poker but focuses on business value from the point of view of the stakeholders. Thus the „Business Value Poker“ allows a clear priotization of business requirements and makes sure the efforts of the development team are targeted towards the right features.

A further focus of the talks was the problem of organizations torpedoing agile projects. Meaning the organization pretends to work in an agile way but the terms Scrum Master or Product Owner are actually only empty words within the organization.  Here the speaker gave as key to nurture the agile mindset of all involved parties and players. An „Agile Analysis“ can help identify the action fields with the most need for change.

At the end of the first conference day, the speakers answered the questions of the audience in a panel discussion. Regarding one point all the speakers came to an agreement: In agile projects it is crucial to say NO. – No towards the management requiring detailled reportings and NO towards the client who demands a fixed scope at a fixed date.

The very essence was: The key success factor of agile projects is developing the adequate environment and nurturing the agile mindset.

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