Helpful aspects for securing the Software Development Lifecycle

SDLC stands for Software Development Lifecycle. An SDLC is essentially a series of steps or phases that provide a framework for developing software and managing it throughout its lifecycle. Although there is no specific technique or a single way to develop applications and software components, there are established methods used by enterprises and there are models available to manage different challenges and goals.
Javan Rasokat
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Automatically mirror GitLab repos

This guide shows you how to sync your git repository hosted on a Gitlab CE instance to another git repository (doesn't have to be gitlab).
Daniel Weisser
comment icon 0 23.10.2018

Display the test coverage with GitLab

In the previous guides of this series, we have seen how to set up auto deployment and to auto publish documentation. As last step for a transparent project, we want to show the user the reached test coverage.
Jan Hauer
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Using Cache with GitLab-CI and speed up the Maven build

In the first three parts of our series about GitLab-CI we have seen how set up some basic configuration and how to enable auto deployment. But until now our Maven build process always starts with downloading the world. So the log is filled with download information. This guide walks you through the process to enable a cache for a maven build and how to hide download information during the building process by setting maven variables.
Jan Hauer
comment icon 04.04.2018