Kafka Producer and Consumer in Java

In the last part of the series I showed you how to setup a Kafka cluster for development with Docker. This time it’s all about producing and consuming messages with good ol’ Java.Shall we? Create a new projectI’m going to use IntelliJ IDEA, but you can use Eclipse, Netbeans, VS Code, or even a plain […]
Sascha Müller
comment icon 0 30.07.2021

Customize react-leaflet-draw

You are using React? You want to implement the functionality to draw on a map? You are already using react-leaflet-draw, but want to customize some things?When your answer to the first two questions is yes, the next section of this article will give you advice which possibilities react-leaflet-draw and leaflet-draw offer you, but other frameworks […]
Christian Zielke
comment icon 0 27.01.2021

Memory leaks from CDI

The usual way of dependency injection with CDI using @Inject offers an extremely efficient mechanism to supply an object with its dependencies. However, there are scenarios where a dynamic version of dependency injection is required. For those cases, CDI offers javax.enterprise.inject.Instance, an interface that allows for the dynamic injection of new instances at runtime on […]
Fabian König
comment icon 0 19.06.2020

Java code formatting done right across different IDEs

If you work as Java-developer in a company, then you normally work together in a team with other developers. This collaboration requires common standards. Today, I would like to write about the challenges of consistent formatting of the source-code from several developers and even from different Java-IDEs.
Benno Markiewicz
comment icon 3 13.06.2017

Mocking framework comparison: JMockit

Some time ago, we had a look at the mocking framework Mockito. Today I want to introduce the competitor JMockit and try to answer the question why and when to use one framework over the other.
Andreas Günzel
comment icon 0 23.05.2017

JAX 2017: Spring indoor and outdoor

Not only the weather outside brought Spring to us. In the first round of the first conference day, Stéphane Nicoll as one of the main contributors presented the news around the next major Spring Framework Release.
Jan Hauer
comment icon 0 10.05.2017

JAX 2017: Agile Day

The Agile Day as the first conference day of this years JAX conference brought an insight into agile project experiences within different organizations and environments.
Volker Rossmann
comment icon 0 09.05.2017

Continuous database integration with Liquibase

Software developer constantly need to implement and deploy a new version of an application. In issue 5-2017 of German Java magazine, our colleague Steffen Mall argues that simple and fast refactoring of a database model is one of the most important things in order to implement flexible business requirements.
Oliver Pitzschel
comment icon 0 12.04.2017

JSON-B is coming

Java EE7 introduced JSON-P, which is supposed to standardize processing and parsing of JSON. This year, EE8 now brings 'Java API for JSON Binding' (JSON-B). Time for a closer look.
Andreas Günzel
comment icon 0 17.02.2017

Howto: REST Assured

In my current project I work in the QA-team. One of the questions we have to answer was, "How can we test a rest webservice?" With REST Assured, we found an easy way to test the service from various aspects. This tutorial explains how.
Christine Bauers
comment icon 0 16.11.2016