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EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management

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With EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management, or EPRM for short, we would like to present our system solution and explain how it can also be relevant for your company.The portfolio management faces major challenges. On the one hand, you want to exploit the new opportunities on the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your … Continued

IT Projects done. Successfully.

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Leading projects to a safe road of success is a demanding challenge. The increasing complexity of tasks and the organizational structure complicates determining the optimal project team, gearing this team towards a common goal and achieving stakeholder-satisfaction by keeping deadlines, on agreed quality and budget.

Internet of Things – Driving force behind new business models


The two trending topics, digitization and industry 4.0, are closely linked to the term Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is understood as an enabler of change in society and industry. Business models and connected applications fundamentally change the way how businesses, humans and environments communicate. This certifies the disruptive character of IoT. And the expansion of renewable energy sources and decentralization of power generation also promotes the potential of IoT in the energy sector.

Drafting a Target Model for a Liberalized Finnish Gas Market

Gas Market|Regulation

The Finnish state-owned energy company Gasum Oy commissioned EXXETA to carry out an extensive consulting project on new regulatory processes to support Gasum Oy in preparing for a liberalized and EU-compliant future gas market model. After three intensive project phases, we successfully completed our draft models and analyses – which we conducted from the perspective of the Finnish gas market as well as from the perspective of our client – and condensed them into recommendations for implementation of the required processes.

Project report: Thyssengas network load check

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Thyssengas GmbH, a natural gas transmission system operator with headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, transports up to 10 billion cubic meter of natural gas via 4,200 kilometers of grid securely every day. The high level of cross-linking demands complex requirements towards efficient business processes and how to integrate into the IT-environment of Thyssengas. Since 2009, EXXETA has been the TSO’s IT service provider. Primarily, Thyssengas uses MTS TSO standard software for its initiation and operation of transport network capacities.

How long does the Transport of a Gas Molecule take from Norway to the Alps?

Gas Market

During the last EXXETA training on fundamentals of the gas business a participant asked how fast gas travels through pipelines. As the training deals with commercial contracts and processes the question was deemed quite relevant. Imagine the following situation: A German station employee notices a sinking pressure on the manometer, hurries to the telephone and askes the Norwegian colleague to turn on the tap of the gas supply system. How long will it take until this event will show its effects in Germany?

6 Facts about Power-to-Gas

The increasing infeed of fluctuating generation of the renewable energies presents huge challenges for the energy supply system. Those cannot be solved by grid expansion, generation and load management as well as existing storage technologies. But the required long-term storage to cover longer lasting weather-related production gaps can be made possible with the aid of the power-to-gas concept, the coupling of electricity and natural gas networks.