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The energy industry is undergoing radical change. The dissolution of traditional business models, trends such as digitalization and “Generation Y” are increasingly challenging HR, as new skills and qualifications of the future skilled workers are required. Against this background, cooperation is becoming increasingly important. In diverse exciting university cooperations, EXXETA strengthens the development of a sustainable link between theory and practice and accompanies the young students during and after their studies. For example, EXXETA presents itself at university events, holds guest lectures and organizes various projects together with students.

Utility 4.0: the Energy Indutry of Tomorrow

This year, EXXETA is launching a unique cooperation with the Academic Energy Association Leipzig and the University of Leipzig to organize an energy conference entitled “Utility 4.0: the Energy Industry of Tomorrow” (conference language is German).

As an association of students and alumni of the Leipzig universities, the Academic Energy Association Leipzig is devoted to issues of the energy industry, in particular energy production, energy trading, distribution and energy use. The aim is to enrich Leipzig’s energy industry and to contribute to public information.

The Energy Days 2017 examines the challenges faced by energy companies, which technological innovations offer the greatest potential for solving the problems and which business models will be preserved in the future.

The purpose of the two-day energy conference on September 21 and September 22 is to bring together students, doctoral candidates and young professionals all over Germany in order to enable an interdisciplinary exchange between universities. Inputs from science and practice provide the theoretical foundation of the Energy Days. They are complemented by workshops in which the participants shall develop solutions for digital change and the challenges of energy suppliers.

EXXETA value contribution

As the main sponsor of the event, EXXETA will support the Energy Days with a presentation and a workshop, as well as presenting the working world at EXXETA to the students. Markus Jungmann (Senior Consultant) talks about the current projects of the EXXETA, for example on OTC and trading platforms, as well as on the influence of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) on the energy supply in the lecture “What’s moving the energy industry?”. Following this, Frank Ruttloff (Senior Consultant) will hold an interactive workshop on “IoT for Energy”. After a thematic keynote a methodical introduction to design thinking is followed, an iterative innovation process, to develop new solutions and ideas. In the workshop session the participants will make an innovation sprint to IoT. The focus is on understanding the user, identifying needs, identifying areas of action and assigning tasks. Afterwards, students will jointly develop new, user-centered ideas for innovative and digital business models, products or services.

For more information and registration for the event, please visit http://www.energieverein-leipzig.de/ael-energy-days/ or contact career-leipzig@EXXETA.com.

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