Tender platform: Hype or necessity?

The energy sector is subject to constant change. Digitzation intervenes in operational processes and by that, offers a wide range of opportunities. Along with trending topics such as Blockchain, Smart Meter and IoT, another trend is proliferating in the energy sector: B2B trading platforms.

Currently, energy companies are discovering the potential of digital platforms. Platforms such as Verifox, for end-customer sales, and others regarding tourism and communication are already commonly known. Up to now, the focus was placed on B2C, less on the B2B market. This is fundamentally changing.

The B2B energy sales area, as well as the energy procurement area, are becoming more and more digitalized and automated. Especially with respect to declining margins and rising competition, the increase of efficiency and resource-friendly personnel deployment is steadily becoming more important. B2B trading platforms will make their contribution to this development by accelerating business processes.

B2B trading platforms act outside of listed electricity trading and by that are suitable for complex energy products, such as flexible gas and circuit diagram products. OTC trading will be playing a big role in the energy sector’s future.

It is to expect that by 2020 50% of gas and electricity sales will be processed via platforms. At the moment, several platforms are being developed. Either energy companies are developing precisely for their customers, or are doing so on a meta-level, where supplier and demander encounter. Especially meta-platforms are of key interest to the energy sector, as on the one hand the access to customers is extended, and on the other suppliers are within easy reach. An example of this sort of platform is Tender365. Tender365 shall become the digital energy market place for OTC trading. The platform is currently being developed by EXXETA, in cooperation with GasVersorgung Sueddeutschland and is planned to go live during the 2018 E-world. The target groups are supply undertakings and producers on the supplier side, public utilities and industry customers on the demander side. The platform will replace previous communication channels such as phone and mail and will completely integrate into the user’s system environment via api interfaces. Consequently, business processes will work more efficiently and will not require additional personnel resources.

An essential aspect, that sets Tender365 apart from other platforms, is the fact that it is being developed from the industry for the industry. A neutral operator guarantees independency, allowing all interested companies the usage of the platform.

The Go-Live at E-world 2018 does not mean the end of the platform’s development. In addition to the development of further products and features, the internationalization is a main aspect of the platform’s operation. At the beginning, Tender365 will be available exclusively in Germany. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the year 2018, the focus will be placed on the extension to Austria, Switzerland, as well as the Benelux nations.

Platforms will increase in relevance over time and the energy market will continue to change. Thus, energy platforms will be more than a short-time hype. Tender365 offers energy companies the opportunity to be pioneers in a long-term trend and shape it themselves.

For queries and further information, please do not hesitate to contact the project manager of Tender365, Markus Jungmann.

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