IT Projects done. Successfully.

According to the Standish Group, who has been periodicly publishing  the Chaos Report since 1994, in 2015 only 29% of all software projects  were completed successfully, 71% were graded “challenged” or “failed”. What kind of measures are to be taken to secure prosperous software projects?

Leading projects to a safe road of success is a demanding challenge. The increasing complexity of tasks and the organizational structure complicates determining the optimal project team, gearing this team towards a common goal and achieving stakeholder-satisfaction by keeping deadlines, on agreed quality and budget.

Up to this point, EXXETA has never aborted one of its projects. The environment, in which EXXETA executes projects, requires well coordinated teams with authority to decide, working side by side with the relevant stakeholders. EXXETA’s expertise in project planning and implementation allows projects to thrive by the use of proven and yet flexible methods and techniques. During the project progression the project procedure is constantly validated, and if necessary, adjusted.

EXXETA can support your enterprise to create organizational and  project-related structures that will assist the successful completion of projects. The relevant factors to create the necessary framework nurtouring successful projects will emerge from your business environment and context. We will define projects, accompany them and coach you and your employees throughout the entire project and help you set up a project management office within your organization.

We will be glad to offer a free of charge project health check for your current projects. On the basis of a standardized procedure, by means of checklists and quionnaires, we will demonstrate potential for improvement and from this we are able to derive specific recommendations for action. We are happy to offer further services for projects and project management if needed.

If you are interested in in testing and refining your project and are in search of an expierenced partner, please contact our contact partner Susanne.Neumann@EXXETA.com.

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