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With EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management, or EPRM for short, we would like to present our system solution and explain how it can also be relevant for your company.

The portfolio management faces major challenges. On the one hand, you want to exploit the new opportunities on the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your IT landscape must cope with increasing volume requirements and the increasing complexity of the market. This applies in a very particular way to your ETRM solution, because it must grow with the transaction volume, react flexibly to innovations in the market and be open for the connection of new systems and platforms such as Tender365 or enmacc. It must handle the risks of new possibilities such as algorithmic trading and inform in real time on various end devices from PC to tablet to mobile phone. Existing ETRM solutions, which have already been on the market for many years, offer enormous functional possibilities, but are increasingly reaching their performance limits, as has emerged from discussions with companies in the energy sector. Due to their outdated software architecture, these limits can only be extended to a limited extent and at great expense of time. In a world where the rapid adaptation of market changes is essential for success, more and more companies are asking themselves whether their existing retail landscape is still flexible enough and up-to-date. For a long time now, this question has not only driven the very big players in the industry, but especially the medium-sized and smaller market participants, who are regularly looking for ways to improve their efficiency.

This is precisely where the EPRM begins. EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management is based on a highly flexible, modern microservices architecture. It provides comprehensive support in the management and evaluation of your energy portfolios. The solution scales with the size and complexity of your company portfolio and can therefore be used for a wide variety of applications and as a supplement to existing solutions. It enables process-supported implementation and continuous optimization of your portfolio strategies for all energy products. The EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management can be efficiently combined with your existing software solutions in the sense of a continuous end-to-end process from trading to settlement.

With EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management, you can cope with the further increase in business figures on intraday markets such as EPEX or Nordpool Spot as well as the high speed of marketing renewable energies.

The EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management solution covers the complete portfolio management process – multicommodity, highly flexible, automated and fully integrated into your IT landscape. You can decide whether you want to run our solution in your own IT infrastructure or prefer a cloud installation.

If you have any further questions on how EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management can increase earnings, minimize risk and ensure your future viability, please contact Matthias.Magnus@EXXETA.com.

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